Select Team Overview

“The KYSA Select Program supports advancement opportunities for those committed and capable players interested in pursuing a higher level of performance.”

Teams are formed each year through the KYSA Select Team Formation Process.  The number of teams formed for each age group may vary from year to year and is based on the available player pool and their general level of performance.

KYSA Select Program Structure

  • U9 & U10 Prospects: training groups who attend tournaments and exhibition games while still playing on their house teams.
  • U11 & U12 Development: full teams who compete in the Thompson Okanagan Youth Soccer League (TOYSL) and attend tournaments.
  • U13 to U18 Rep: full teams who compete in the Thompson Okanagan Youth Soccer League (TOYSL), attend tournaments and challenge for the Provincial A or B Cup in July.

Players may be evaluated for placement in the KYSA Select program at any time during the year.  If you are interested in joining the KYSA Select program (or have any other questions, comments or feedback) please contact Clive Lovett (program coordinator) for more information.

Top players from Kamloops may challenge themselves further in the High-Performance Pathway by stepping up to the EA Sports BC Soccer Premier League through our partner the Thompson Okanagan Football Club (TOFC).  There are currently over 30 Kamloops-based players participating with TOFC with several of those being pulled up to the provincial high performance program.



The SELECT Director, who will be a member of the KYSA Board, will chair and make recommendations to the KYSA Board of Directors regarding membership and size of the SELECT Committee on an annual basis. The committee will be made up of a cross section of persons but will have SELECT representation from parents, managers, coaches (past and present), board members and the Technical Director and/or his delegate.

The SELECT Committee is delegated authority by the KYSA Board of Directors for the governance of the SELECT Program. Its authority is limited to making recommendations to the KYSA Board of Directors.

Minutes of SELECT Committee meetings will be forwarded to the KYSA Board of Directors and will be made available on the KYSA website for the general membership.

The SELECT Committee is required to hold regularly scheduled meetings.


The KYSA Select Program offers the committed and capable player a challenge better suited to their level of desire and development. Development (U11 & U12) and Rep (U13 to U18) teams are formed each year through the KYSA Select Player Evaluation and Team Formation Process. The number of teams formed for each age group may vary from year to year and is based on the available player pool and their general level of performance.

In the case where two or more teams are formed in a single gender birth year those two teams will be balanced and play in the same TOYSL division. In the case where more than one birth year is combined and more than one team is formed, those teams may be tiered.

All KYSA Select teams will compete in their own age group in the Thompson Okanagan Youth Soccer League (TOYSL). Those teams in the U13 to U18 divisions will challenge for the Provincial B Cup. Any KYSA Select team that proves to be clearly superior to similar opponents in the TOYSL region may (through consultation between the team head coach and the KYSA technical department) have the option to challenge for the Provincial A Cup.

The KYSA Board of Directors will set the fee structure for SELECT teams. As well as a registration fee, there will be costs for equipment, (jersey, shorts, socks, tracksuit and bag) as well as travel. Fundraising could be used to offset the cost of playing SELECT soccer.

All players and parents will be required to sign a SELECT Commitment Letter which will highlight the roles and responsibilities expected at the select level.


KYSA supports the Long Term Player Development Model. KYSA endorses and emphasizes that youth player development should super-cede winning trophies, tournaments or other accolades. While it is acknowledged that winning is an important part of the game, it will not be paramount to youth development. KYSA’s position is that coaches should endeavor to provide a fair opportunity, over the duration of a season, for individuals to develop their skills within the team as is possible while still maintaining the competitive edge of the team. Coaches will be encouraged to use their discretion wisely, under direction of the Technical Director/Head Coach, to balance player development with team competition goals.

In addition, it is KYSA’s perception that youth players need assistance to balance soccer with other commitments in their lives. KYSA’s policy is that when conflicts arise, it is expected that coaches will help the player solve the problem, creating ownership and capacity in the player to solve future problems. Since players are not contracted to their teams, it is expected that coaches will allow players to accept opportunities to play at higher levels and then to draw on other player resources from the club system to replace them. Players should be encouraged to accept opportunities to play at higher levels and should be enthusiastically welcomed back to their SELECT team afterwards. Coaches should also support players who endeavor to play more than one sport in order to participate in multiple sports while still reasonably maintaining team goals.

As KYSA strives to work with High School soccer in an ongoing attempt to improve soccer in Kamloops, SELECT players will be allowed to play High School soccer. SELECT coaches will consider the high school training and game schedule to reduce the potential for over-training. It is expected that SELECT players be released for High School games that conflict with SELECT training sessions. Coaches will take their direction on conflicts with High School soccer from KYSA’s Technical Department.



Any player wishing to participate in the KYSA SELECT program must participate in a player evaluation process for their specific birth year. The Player evaluation process consists of a series of open and closed sessions.

All prospective (new) SELECT players will be asked to attend several open evaluation sessions. Those prospective players who sufficiently meet the level of play expected for the SELECT program will be invited to continue the evaluation process through the closed evaluation sessions. If the number of prospective players does not warrant holding formal open evaluations those prospective players will simply be invited to the closed evaluation sessions.

All closed evaluation sessions will involve current select players who wish to be considered for the next season and those prospective players invited to attend from the Open Sessions. The closed evaluations will involve regular weekly training sessions, intra-squad scrimmages and exhibition games through July and August.

Following the evaluation process teams (U13 to U18) and player pools (U11 and U12) will be formed. Players will be notified by email if they are being invited to join a roster in the SELECT program. For those single gender age groups where the player pool warrants two or more balanced teams (typically U11 and U12), teams will not be formalized until March of the following year to ensure the rosters are as balanced as possible leading into the season. For age groups where a single team is formed (or two age groups are combined to form tiered teams), teams will be formed immediately following the player evaluation process.

Players registered with a SELECT team are not allowed to play on a house team but house players may play on SELECT Team in special circumstances. If a SELECT team is short players, the Coach may pull or recruit players from the House League system. House players, who are released to supplement SELECT rosters, will be allowed to play both House and Select level soccer. All House players joining SELECT teams may incur additional expenses related to SELECT uniforms and registration fees. House players will be allowed to play up to 4 games at no cost, but may be asked to pay registration fees if they play more than 4 games at a cost to be determined by the SELECT committee.


The KYSA SELECT Program supports the placement of players at a level that most appropriately challenges their current desire & ability. To be considered for an opportunity to “play-up” in the SELECT Program, a player must prove to be clearly and consistently superior to their peers during both training and competition. The criterion used by the technical staff to determine a player’s readiness to advance is their technical, tactical, physical and mental/behavioural abilities when compared to their birth year age group first and then compared with the age group for which they are being considered. A player must be clearly superior to their age group in three or four of these areas before being considered for advancement.

Superior players stand out regardless of those around them if they play down to the level of their current group they will not be considered ready to play up. In addition, having played at a “higher level” elsewhere does not guarantee readiness to play-up in the KYSA SELECT Program –the player must prove their level of performance within their specific KYSA age group before being considered for any other level of placement.


KYSA’s Technical Department has developed the following standards for the development of coaching soccer in Kamloops which will form the basis for appointment of coaches within the SELECT program.

I. Police Information Check-Vulnerable Sector:
All Coaches must pass a vulnerable sector check before they are eligible to coach SELECT soccer.

II. Technical:

The KYSA expects that SELECT Coaches will be as committed to developing their coaching skills as they expect their players to be in developing their soccer skills. As such,

1. All SELECT Coaches must have completed or be working towards the appropriate BCSA Coaching Course for the age group they are working with:

  1. Learning to Train – U11 & U12
  2. Soccer for Life – U13 to U18
  3. This represents the minimum level required to participate as a head coach or co-coach in the SELECT Program. The KYSA would like to see all Select Coaches pursue the B-Provincial level of certification (or higher) by their U14 season.

2.  Coaches are expected to attend the majority of all KYSA sponsored SELECT Coaching clinics or BC Soccer Association Coaching clinics in conjunction with KYSA off-season or during the season for which attendance will be recorded by the KYSA Technical Department.

3.  Coaches must attend formal review meetings as scheduled by the KYSA Technical Department.

III. Commitment:

SELECT Coaches will conduct training sessions throughout the year as assigned by the KYSA Technical Department. These include, at a minimum, 2 training session per week during the pre-season, in-season and evaluation periods and 1 training session per week during the off-season unless otherwise approved by the KYSA Technical Department.

IV. Professional Conduct:

  • All SELECT Coaches will share and work towards the KYSA’s vision, values and competencies as they impact youth player development.
  • SELECT Coaches will be considered role models for youth players and therefore will wear KYSA approved attire for training sessions and games.
  • SELECT Coaches will consistently display high standards of behavior and will develop an appropriate working relationship with each youth player that is based on mutual respect and trust. SELECT Coaches will not ridicule or yell at youth players for making mistakes or performing poorly.
  • SELECT Coaches will respect the rights, dignity and worth of every youth player and treat each equally within the context of the sport.
  • SELECT Coaches will place the well-being and safety of each player above all other considerations including the development of performance.
  • SELECT coaches will adhere to all guidelines laid down by KYSA and its governing body, British Columbia Soccer Association (BCSA).
  • SELECT coaches will not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.
  • SELECT Coaches will ensure that the activities they direct and advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of their youth players.
  • SELECT Coaches will co-operate fully with other specialists (ie: other coaches, officials, doctors, physiotherapists, etc) in the best interest of the youth player.
  • SELECT Coaches will promote Fair Play to players, parents and spectators alike.
  • SELECT Coaches will not condone violence, violations of the Laws of the Game, behavior contrary to the spirit of the game, breeching of the rules or regulations of the game, or the use of prohibited language, substances or techniques.
  • When attending out-of-town tournaments, SELECT Coaches will promote the discussion of what constitutes appropriate behavior for themselves, parents and players while they are representing Kamloops and the KYSA.
  • If a SELECT coach does not abide by the Professional Conduct guidelines, they will be referred to the discipline committee.


Advertisements for SELECT team coaches will be placed on the KYSA website and may be posted in the local media before the team formation process begins. Coaches will be appointed for a 1-year term; after which they must reapply.

Based on the recommendations of the SELECT Committee Chair, a Coach Appointment Committee will be formed to appoint coaches. Recommendations for appointments will be made by the SELECT Committee and presented to the KYSA Board of Directors for approval. The Coach Appointment Committee will consist of the Technical Director and at least one member of the SELECT Committee. Committee members, who have a conflict of interest in a particular age group, are expected to remove themselves from the Coach Appointment Committee for that age group only.


All coaches will be evaluated annually after the completion of the soccer season. The evaluation will be based on observations by the Technical Director, a review of the success of the season’s plan, a discussion of the feedback received about the season, a perusal of the pertinent correspondence received over the season and relevant reports from the discipline committee. The Technical Director will review this information with the coach to assess coach performance and support coach development. These reviews will be used in selecting coaches for the following year.


Each team must have a team manager/treasurer and at least one assistant coach. The name of the assistant coach(es) are to be submitted to the Technical Director for approval.

All managers/treasurers and assistant coaches must complete the Volunteer Disclosure Statement and agree to a RCMP Police Information Check- Vulnerable Sector (PIC-VS). The cost of the Police Information Check- Vulnerable Sector will be paid for by KYSA.

Each team will have at least one adult holding a valid BC Soccer ID card (carded) on staff that is of the same gender as the players. This adult, or a carded alternative, must be on the bench with the team at all Provincial Cup games and will be expected to be at all other games as well.


The general yearly calendar of the Select Program is provided below. Please refer to the KYSA website or contact the office for a specific calendar of the current season.


  • June/July/Aug – Player evaluation and team formation process (likely Tue/Thu training with possible weekend exhibition games)
  • Sept/Oct/Nov – Weekly training, exhibition games and tournament play (likely Tue/Thu training based on field availability)
  • Dec/Jan – No formal training, however, teams are welcome to pursue indoor training and attend indoor tournaments.
  • Feb/Mar – Pre-Season training (twice per week) with possible exhibition games and tournament play on the coast.
  • Apr/May/Jun – In-Season training (Tue/Thu regularly) with weekly league games (Sat & Sun)
  • Jun/Jul – Post-Season Provincial Cup Qualification and Championships (typically early July)


• Evaluations will occur in late September and will be combined with our current U9/U10 prospects training schedule.

A full commitment is expected from select players from April to the end of Provincial Cup play. Soccer should be the priority over other sports at this time of year. A balanced commitment with other sports is expected during the rest of the year


11. FEES

KYSA’s Board of Directors sets the annual SELECT fees and the deadline for their payment. All players on a team must have paid their fees in full before the player will be registered with BC Soccer Association. The fee schedule is as follows:

  1. Commitment Fee (non-refundable)
  2. First Installment
  3. Second Installment
  4. Third Installment
  5. Jersey Fee

Refunds will only be offered to players released from the Select program by KYSA. If a player is released and chooses to move to the House program then any paid fees will be transferred from their Select account to the House account.  Any fees remaining after this transfer will be refunded.  The deadline for Select refunds and subsequent transfer to the House program is February 1st, 2017. Please be aware that any refund will have a $25 administration fee applied to it.  The SELECT committee must approve all refunds and transfers.

If a player is not in good standing with KYSA by February 1st 2017, she/he will not be issued any player kit and will not be eligible to play any games including preseason exhibition games, tournaments etc.  If a player is not in good standing by March 1st , 2017, then they will not be able to participate in any team activities until the issue is resolved.  After February 1st, a late fee of $25.00 will be added to the outstanding fees. If a family is having financial difficulties, they are encouraged to contact the KYSA to discuss alternative funding support.  Any alternative arrangements must be arranged before the February 1st, 2017 deadline.

Late fees will be applied to any and all participants who do not meet the February 1st payment deadline.

*The original SELECT policy statement was adopted in September of 1999. It was amended in January of 2000, October of 2003 and January 2006. Recently amended March 2016.

These standards and guidelines should be reviewed and amended at least yearly by the SELECT Committee.


By registering for the evaluation process you acknowledge that you have reviewed the information presented below, are serious about accepting a position with the KYSA Select program (should one be offered to you) and, are committed to the expectations of a participant in our program.  If you anticipate a significant conflict please communicate with us as allowances can be made in certain situations.  Should you have any doubts please ask your questions before registering for the evaluation process.  

Questions can be directed to Clive Lovett.

KYSA Team Formation Process Overview HERE


Information is specific to the 2017/18 season

Birth Year 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000
Age Group U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18

Information Session
All new and returning players are invited to attend our KYSA Select Program Info Session.

  • Meeting Summary below
  • U9 & U10 Prospects – HERE
  • U11 & U12 Development – HERE
  • U13 to U18 Rep – HERE

Player Evaluations
All current and prospective select players MUST register for evaluations to indicate their desire to play next season.  There are no fees for attending evaluations.

  • Formal evaluations are now complete.  Contact Clive Lovett should you wish to be evaluated for a Select team.

Age Group Specific Information
Please review the additional information provided below to understand more about this development opportunity for your child.

  • U9 Prospects – HERE
  • U10 Prospects – HERE
  • U11 & U12 Development – HERE
  • U13 to U18 Rep – HERE

The KYSA technical group will make the best assessment of individuals based on the available knowledge of that player.  This may include both observed performance and coach feedback.

  • Players should to attend as many evaluation sessions as possible until notified otherwise.  Absent? Please notify Clive Lovett.