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Important Information about Mandatory Coaching Mandate from BC Soccer

The dates for the 2018 BC Soccer Coach Training courses the KYSA will be offering in Kamloops are listed below.

Course Age Appropriate? Course Dates Times Location Fee*
Active Start U4-U6yrs April 18th 6-10pm  KYSA Office No Cost to KYSA Coaches*



U7-U8yrs    April     20 & 21

must attend both days

Friday, 6-9pm, Saturday, 9-1pm  KYSA Office No Cost to KYSA Coaches*
Learning to Train U9-U12yrs March 3rd/4th

must attend both days

9-5pm Soccer Dome No Cost to KYSA Coaches*
Soccer for Life U13-U18yrs March 10th/11th

must attend both days

9-5pm, Soccer Dome No Cost to KYSA Coaches*
U13+ Grassroots Goalkeeping U13-U18yrs April 27th 6-9pm KYSA Office No Cost to KYSA Coaches*
  • The Kamloops Soccer Dome is located at 313 Nishga Way, Kamloops on the Mt. Paul industrial lands.
  • Descriptions about each course can be found via
  • Course registration is completed via, you must create an account to login and register.
  • Any individuals wishing to register for a C License or B Provincial License must contact the KYSA Technical Director to confirm funding assistance in advance of registering for a course. KYSA financial assistance is only available to active KYSA Coaches, provided  that the attendee passes the course.
  • The association’s reimbursement policy is applied to any active KYSA coach taking a BC Soccer course in any part of the province (they do not have to take one of the courses in Kamloops).
  • Every participant will receive a complimentary souvenir shirt upon completion of each course, courtesy of the KYSA’s Coach and Player Development Program sponsor, Hansport.

Visit to register on-line (service charges will be added to your registration fee).

The KYSA is providing all of our coaches with a training curriculum geared toward the specific needs of our players.  This curriculum has been put together by our technical director who is available to address any questions you may have with respect to these training plans or any other issues surrounding player development.  Please follow the links below for your age group specific training curriculum.

Active Start Phase (U5 & U6)
FUNdamentals Phase (U7 & U8)
Learning To Train Phase (U9 to U12)
Soccer For Life Phase (U13 to U18)
Select Program Indoor Training (U10 to U18)

In addition to the curriculum provided above the Canadian Soccer Association has produced a series of “Coach’s Tool Kit’s” for your reference.  These tool kits provide additional soccer specific information and activities.

CSA – Additional Resources


The notion of Fair Play is a universally understood concept, which underpins all of sport. Without fairness, sport is devoid of any meaning or purpose. Worse still, it can be a detrimental experience for its participants and, in many instances, spectators.

Integrity, fairness and respect–these are the fundamental principles of Fair Play. With them, the spirit of competition thrives, fueled by honest effort, respectful rivalries, courteous relations and the graceful acceptance of results.

Sport is an ethical pursuit, one which builds character and shapes attitudes. Adults who are  involved in sport, particularly, are obliged to help children develop a positive self-image, promote respect for rules, the role of game officials and fellow competitors. As mentors and advisors, parents and coaches should encourage in athletes a healthy and constructive attitude toward competition, build a sense of dignity, provide opportunities to learn new skills, and foster their participation in sport.

But Fair Play is also a philosophy––one of respect for the institution of sport. It leads to an agreement, between all of those involved in sport, on the values and lessons that we want sport to teach our children, and ourselves.

By having players, coaches and parents sign a Code of Conduct, it is hoped that the guidelines therein become meaningful and effective. By signing the respective Code, the participant acknowledges they have “bought into” the rationale the Code proclaims and are enlightened to what Fair Play is all about.

The Kamloops Youth Soccer Association’s Codes of Conduct for players, coaches and parents, reflect the general guidelines developed by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES).

The KYSA recommends that all its members, and those on the periphery (parents) “buy into” the concept of Fair Play by signing the appropriate Code prior to the start of each season!

Code Of Conduct to be uploaded for your reference in due time.