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As the days become warmer and longer, the soccer season is finally upon us. With most leagues beginning their seasons, I want to take this opportunity to personally say THANK YOU! on behalf of the entire Guise family and myself. We wish to recognize the compassion, financial and physical assistance we have received since January of this year.
On January 2nd I entered the hospital with a life threatening brain abscess the size of a loonie on my brain stem. This diagnosis, which took a while to identify, left me in an unexpected critical condition. Since undergoing two major surgeries, a tracheotomy and weeks of being paralysed on my left side, I have made several improvements. Although the recovery process has been slow, I hope that in the coming months I might be able to return to work.
 I still suffer partial paralysis in my left eye which causes double vision when I look to the left side. Most frustrating is the tendinitis in my left shoulder which really limits my range of motion and makes sleeping difficult. As the surgery was on the right side of my brain, you will notice the impairments have affected my left side. This also includes partial paralysis on the left side of my inner/outer face as well as half my tongue. This has affected my speech, eating and swallowing––something I used to think was so easy. The good thing is that my walking is coming along nicely.
As I look back at the past several months of sudden and life altering change, I cannot dwell on the challenges I have faced and continue to battle. Instead, it has been humbling to see and receive the unconditional support of many individuals, teams, organizations and businesses. It has been incredibly touching to continue to experience the love, support and community spirit when people could have just gone about their lives. Without hesitation, the community has and continues to rally around my family and to financially assist us when we need it the most!
To anybody and everybody who has contributed in any way, no matter how big or small… on behalf of my wife Jody and daughters Briana and Kaitlyn, I thank you for being part of our lives and making a difference.
In closing, I would like to thank Kamloops Youth Soccer Association as well as my employer Cintas, the uniform people, for spearheading and contributing to the fund raising initiatives that have helped my family get through these tough times.
Hope to see you on the pitch real soon!

Colin Guise
COLIN GUISE  (Jody, Briana & Kaitlyn)
Vice President, KYSA
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(e) colinguise_soccer@hotmail.com