Select Evaluations

By registering for the evaluation process you acknowledge that you have reviewed the information presented below, are serious about accepting a position with the KYSA Select program (should one be offered to you) and, are committed to the expectations of a participant in our program.  If you anticipate a significant conflict please communicate with us as allowances can be made in certain situations.  Should you have any doubts please ask your questions before registering for the evaluation process.  

Questions can be directed to Clive Lovett.

KYSA Team Formation Process Overview HERE


Information is specific to the 2017/18 season

Birth Year 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000
Age Group U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 U17 U18

Information Session
All new and returning players are invited to attend our KYSA Select Program Info Session.

  • Meeting Summary below
  • U9 & U10 Prospects – HERE
  • U11 & U12 Development – HERE
  • U13 to U18 Rep – HERE

Player Evaluations
All current and prospective select players MUST register for evaluations to indicate their desire to play next season.  There are no fees for attending evaluations.

  • Formal evaluations are now complete.  Contact Clive Lovett should you wish to be evaluated for a Select team.

Age Group Specific Information
Please review the additional information provided below to understand more about this development opportunity for your child.

  • U9 Prospects – HERE
  • U10 Prospects – HERE
  • U11 & U12 Development – HERE
  • U13 to U18 Rep – HERE

The KYSA technical group will make the best assessment of individuals based on the available knowledge of that player.  This may include both observed performance and coach feedback.

  • Players should to attend as many evaluation sessions as possible until notified otherwise.  Absent? Please notify Clive Lovett.