Player Health & Safety

Player safety should be first and foremost in every coaches mind.  Below are a few resources for coaches, players and parents to reference to better promote proper health and safety for all participants.

Severe Weather & Lightning Policy
KYSA Air Quality Guidelines
CSA Severe Weather Policy (PDF)
Lighting Safety on the Soccer Field (a brief video by Environment Canada)
Canadian Lightning Danger Map (from Environment Canada)

Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention
FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program (used by all KYSA Select Teams)
Sport For Life – Movement Preparation

Concussion Recognition
Concussions are one of the most overlooked issue in youth sports.  If there is any suspicion of a concussion you should remove that player from activity or competition immediately.

Canadian Soccer Association Concussion Guidelines
Concussion Awareness Training Tool (all players, parents and coaches should complete this brief online course)
FIFA’s Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool – Concussion Awareness for parents, coaches and athletes

Return to Play Guidelines for concussions and other injuries
After a Concussion Guidelines – (excellent step by step guide for a full return to activity)
American College of Sports Medicine Return to Play Guidelines for other types of injury

FIFA Nutrition for Football
Sip Smart BC (Helping your child to make healthy drink choices)

Muscle Cramping
It happens to some more than others.  This resource can help you monitor and appropriately address your muscle cramping/

Canadian Sport Centre Fact Sheet – Cramping 

Additional Resources
BC Soccer Sport Science Page
BC Soccer Sport Accident Insurance Claims
Healthy Families BC (Helping British Columbians to make healthier choices)

As always, please feel free to contact the KYSA office for further support.