Player Call-Ups

House to House Call-ups:

For KYSA’s policy on calling up a House Player from one House team to another House team (U13 to U18 only) click here.

House to Select Call-ups:

The following is the protocol for calling up a House player to a Select team for a single game only (this would include Select Reserve players).

  1. The Select Coach contacts the Technical Department requesting call-up for the game. The player’s name and level of play will be needed.
  2. Once the call up has been allowed by the Technical Department, the Select Coach then contacts the House Coach to confirm game day availability.
  3. Following confirmation of availability by the House Coach, the Select Coach then contacts the player, through the player’s parents, to offer the call up.
  4. If all steps have been completed and the player is willing to be called up then the Select Coach or Manager contacts the Select Program Coordinator so that a BC Soccer ID Card may be produced.  The Select Coordinator will require a recent head and shoulder picture of the player along with their date of birth.

A HOUSE player can play up to three games on a Select team in any given season.  Once they have played three games, the player must decide to either stay up in Select or go back down to House for the balance of the season.

The KYSA encourages the movement of players to support higher level teams on an as needed basis (should that player so desire).  The Select coach cannot approach the house player prior to the other steps being completed.

There is no additional cost to the parents of the house player in order to play in a Select team game.