We cannot afford for our children to play soccer. Does KYSA provide financial assistance?

KYSA has fixed costs which require us to generate funds through registration fees. There are a number of agencies (eg Kidsport, Canadian Tire Jump Start) which help parents pay for sports activities for their families. Check the Hardship dropdown under Resources tab on how to apply. Where there is a need to spread out payments, contact the Carolyn at kysa@telus.net for alternatives.

Why have the spring and fall season been separated?

September is a busy time for our members and we usually see a drop in attendance for practices and games of 30-40%.  This results in a large numbers of practices and games being cancelled and a lot of players missing out on opportunities to play.  Creating a separate fall season allows those who can attend practices and games at this time of year to ability to be grouped with other like minded individuals so they can experience the full benefit of a six week season.