Criminal Record Check (CRC)

ALL VOLUNTEERS for the KYSA put in a position of care for children, vulnerable adults, personal information or team finances (i.e. coaches, managers and their assistants) are required to complete a criminal record check (CRC), regardless of the age of the volunteer.  All CRCs must be have been completed within the current KYSA fiscal year, Nov 1 to Oct 31. 

Online CRC (eCRC) process:

  • Specific conditions apply.  Review the eCRC link below for full details.  
  • If you completed eCRC for another organization you may be able to share it with the KYSA via this process.
  • NOTE – as the season approaches the wait time for eCRCs may exceed 30 days.  If your eCRC has not been received by the office come March 1st you MAY be asked to complete a manual CRC via the local RCMP detachment.
  • KYSA Specific Reference Code: 4WWMN8XCGD

Online Application (eCRC)

Traditional (manual) CRC process:

  • Required by anyone not completing the online process.
  • If you completed a manual CRC for another organization you may bring your original CRC into the office to be verified by our registrar, Carolyn Birch.
  • Below are the steps required to complete the manual process:

CRC Introductory Letter    CRC Form 

  1. Print off the CRC Introductory Letter & CRC Form (linked above) or pick up copies from our office.
  2. Complete both documents but DO NOT sign or initial the forms.  You will require a Vulnerable Sector background check.
  3. Bring the documents to your local RCMP detachment where you will sign the documents in front of an RCMP official.  You will require two pieces of identification one of which must have a photo (i.e. Drivers license).
  4. After you have submitted the forms to the RCMP they will process your information and will contact you to pick up the results.  You must return to the RCMP to pick up your completed CRC yourself, neither the KYSA nor anyone else can pick this up on your behalf.
  5. Once you have your completed CRC you will need to deliver the original document to the KYSA office.